Siegelsberg Pinot Noir Grosses Gewächs®

Generous fruit bouquet of blackberry, sour cherry and other red fruits. Fullness of fruit, substance, but also spicy aromas reveal the wine in the drink. A fine red wine with length and elegance, a poem for the senses!

Original castle bottling from our historic wine cellar at Erbach/Rheingau.

Erbacher Siegelsberg
Due to its slightly elevated position, above the Marcobrunn, the Siegelsberg ripens not only Riesling but also Pinot Noir grapes. The soil is distinguished from the Marcobrunn by the increased loess content of its marl structure and the Taunus quartzite that penetrates the surface here. The microclimate consists of intense solar radiation and excellent ventilation.

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Wine type or color

Red wine

Quality level

German quality wine

Grape variety(ies)

Pinot Noir

Style / Taste



Castle Bottling Winery Schloss Reinhartshausen GmbH & Co KG


Product from Germany


750 ml

Alcohol content

13% vol

Allergen information

Contains sulfites

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