A mystical island in the Rhine

The Rhine island Mariannenaue is a European nature reserve and since 2015 protected designation of origin for quality wine.

The mighty Rhine formed the island of Mariannenaue about 10,000 years ago on a bed of limestone rocks made of sand and gravel washed up from the Alps.

The location in the middle of the Rhine creates a special microclimate. Here, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Red Riesling find the best conditions to ripen optimally on 24 hectares of organic vineyards. The unique terroir gives rise to wines with an unmistakable character of origin.

Geographical position

The Rhine island Mariannenaue has been named after Princess Marianne of Prussia since 1902 and is located in the middle of the Rhine opposite Erbach in the Rheingau. Due to the island location and the limited vineyard areas, the wines are by nature limited specialties, produced organically with much love and handwork.

The island wines

The water surrounding the island has a strong balancing effect on the microclimate and leads to a vegetation advance of one to two weeks.
The Hofgut wines are dancing light-footed, mineral fresh and pleasantly fruity.

Historical grape varieties

Immerse yourself in the world of historic grape varieties and contribute to the preservation of these vine resources.
Regional strengthening with a return to originality is a promise to nature and a statement for sustainability.

„CASTAWAY“ – Orange Wine


The best berries of our vines married to an exceptional wine, this aged two years in barrel on the mash. It is unsulfured and without filtration.

Reserve wines

The reserve wines we press from the best grapes from our old vines, deeply rooted in the riverbed. They ferment in tonneaux and piece barrels and lie on the full lees for several months until bottling.
The Reserve wines show a cool minerality and need a few years of development to reach full maturity.

Island variety

Fine brandies and the Rheingau Dry Island Gin

A down-to-earth island gin distilled with various wild herbs of the Rhine island Mariannenaue and as a special feature with castle’s own Riesling. The Riesling gives the final touch, as well as the unmistakable Rheingau signature. The wild botanicals give the island gin its very special taste.
Since 2019 we distill ourselves on the island Mariannenaue / single batch distillation (copper bubble). Carefully distilled from local fruit. Our brandies and spirits are guaranteed from pure fruit carefully distilled. Without added sugar and flavor.

The Rheinhell vintner beer

Our Winzerbier is brewed with wild hops from the Rhine island Mariannenaue. It bears the name of the traditional vineyard “Rheinhell”, from whose grapes the legendary island wines of Schloss Reinhartshausen are produced. We have rediscovered the wild hops, which thrive in the immediate vicinity of the vines, as the second treasure of the island and dedicated this winegrower beer to her. Our beer is completely unique in aroma and taste due to the use of wild hops. It is relatively light and very drinkable. It is a top-fermented, unfiltered beer specialty “blonde pale ale”, brewed according to the German purity law.

The treasure chamber

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